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Knauer Indoor Air Quality Services

Knauer Indoor Air Quality Services of Milwaukee

Many options are available to improve your indoor air quality. We will advise and install the necessary equipment to bring you greater control, dependable comfort and make energy more efficient.

Whole-Home Air Cleaning Systems

Consider the installation of this system if you want to remove pollutants which can cause allergies and asthma, not in just one area, but in the entire house. You can decrease the likely hood of colds and flu by eliminating mold spores. This system will also reduce pet dander, bacteria and pollen.

Whole-Home Humidification Equipment

The inside of your home is drier than you think. Dry air causes dry, itchy skin, allows viruses to thrive, damages your home and robs the moisture from your skin, making you feel colder causing you to raise the thermostat. You can reduce your energy costs by adding moisture to your home.

Whole-Home Dehumidification

There are key times of the year when the humidity levels are high enough to make you feel uncomfortable. These are the nights and mornings when the temperature is not warm enough to turn on the air conditioning. In our climate, this could be 40% of the year. We can design a system to fit your needs.

Ultraviolet UV Lights

This purifier is installed in your heating system to absorb odors and can help improve air quality. It works by using an ultraviolet light to inhibit the growth of mold spores and bacteria by 99% in the duct system that would otherwise spread through your home. This same type of light has been tried and true air cleaning system in hospitals, restaurants and other public places. Why not try it in your home?


Consider the installation of a more sophisticated filter. There options such as Hepa Filters, Electrostatic Air Filters and permanent washable filters. These all do a more thorough job improving the air quality than the hardware-store throw away filters. We can provide the best solution to your needs.

What is the secret to home comfort? Maintaining the perfect balance between humidity and temperature.

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